Regaining Your Confidence September 09 2015

Today's post comes from Katie Swaney. Read her bio below!

Regaining Your Confidence

Think back to when you were a child and the first time you tried to cross the monkey bars on the playground. I’m guessing you fell the first (and second, third…) times. But, you didn’t give up. You had no doubt in your mind that you could successfully cross those monkey bars. You just knew it. You didn’t have to give yourself a pep talk. You didn’t need someone to make you do it. You just knew. As we get older, our ability to have just blind faith and confidence in ourselves can diminish. Outside forces have a way of sneaking in through the gaps, making us doubt our abilities. We can regain that unshakeable confidence we had as children. For some people, it will be a quick process. For others, it may take longer.

The first step in the process is to give yourself permission:

  • Permission to be confident again.
  • Permission to be you, in all your glory.
  • Permission to trust yourself.
  • Permission to celebrate your successes, big and small.

We’re so used to being so hard on ourselves. If we don’t have the perfect Pinterest life or the “right” career, we find it easier to be hard on ourselves than to celebrate ourselves. We need to practice letting that go. The five actions below will help you begin the process of regaining your confidence and celebrating yourself.

Create a weekly brag list.

We’re going to leap right out of our comfort zones. I want you to start a weekly practice of creating a brag list. On a weekly basis, right down 3-5 things you want to brag about. Don’t think too much about this. The items can be big or small. Some weeks, they all may be small: Kept the kitchen clean. Got the kids to bed on time, without any tantrums. Some weeks, they may be big: Got the promotion. Landed my dream client.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the brags seem. If you get on a roll and think of more than five items, write them down! Take a minute to write them down. Notice how good it feels to acknowledge those accomplishments.


It’s incredibly easy to get bogged down in our day-to-day lives. Going to work, running errands, taking care of family. Make sure you take the time to play. Take time to play a video or board game. Wrestle with your kids. Play Frisbee with friends. Buy a coloring book and new box of crayons, just for yourself. Do something that removes you from your day-to-day obligations. Let yourself go. Give yourself permission to have fun and be in the moment.


If we don’t take time to play, we certainly don’t take time to practice self-care.  Self-care is all inclusive of any activity that focuses on you. Get your hair done. Go workout. Get a massage. Curl up and read a good book. Do something just for you that rejuvenates your body and spirit. This is a magic cure-all when we begin feeling rundown.

Do Something You Rock At

The easiest and fastest way to build up your confidence is to do something you know you’re amazing at.

Are you a great singer? Hit up a karaoke night.

Are you a naturally good runner? Enter a fun 5K.

Are you artistic? Paint pottery or go to a wine and paint class.

You get the picture. Choose an activity you’re naturally good at and go do it!

Surround Yourself with Your People

The old saying is that you’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with people who will lift you up, support you, and celebrate your successes. Choose people who understand what you’re capable of and who are willing to push you to get there. 

It’s so easy to let our self-talk and outside forces strip us of our confidence, but it is possible to regain that sense of unshakeable confidence we had as children. It takes effort, but each of us can do it. Support those around you. Choose to uplift others. Celebrate their successes. Everything we do, internally and externally has a ripple effect. Choose to make your ripples positive.

Most importantly, give yourself permission to be confident and authentic. The world needs you.



Katie Swaney is a life coach who is passionate about helping other women regain their unshakeable confidence so they can conquer the world in their own way. With every fiber of her being, Katie believes that once every person achieves authentic happiness, the world will be forever changed.




Guest Post - You HAVE Enough Time in the Day August 31 2015

We are lucky to have our first guest post from Lisa Compton's blog, Uncommon Wife Life. Lisa has a great collection of posts documenting her life as a coach's wife. Check out her blog and send her some love!

You HAVE Enough Time in the Day

There are so many things I want to accomplish in just one day.  It is hard to manage work, laundry, dinner, exercise, ball games, reading, and crocheting.  These are just a few of the things I do on a daily basis.  Most day, I do accomplish all the things on my “To Do List.”

How do I fit all the things I want to do in just one day?  I give a certain amount of time to each item on my list.  Obviously, work is a necessary eight hours.  Immediately leaving work, I can usually find myself going to the YMCA and running/exercising of some sort for no more than one hour.  When I get home from the YMCA, I put a load of laundry in the washer and start on dinner while that is going on.  Once dinner has been consumed, I sit on the couch and multitask – watch television and crochet – until I get sleepy.  Then, it’s upstairs to bed I go where I read for 15-30 minutes before I actually fall asleep.  THIS ALL MAKES FOR A LONG DAY!

On game days, I do all of the above except dinner.  I will usually grab a Quest bar and eat it at the game.  Don’t tell anyone though!

This is a glimpse of my day – with no children or pets.  I can only imagine how hectic our schedules will be once we add one (in the future – I AM NOT PREGNANT).

I always overhear women talking about how they don’t have time to do exercise, to clean, to put make up on, to whatever.  The truth is, you DO have time.  Beyoncé has the same 24 hours as you and look how famous and successful she has become!

It is all about how wisely you manage your time.  You have 24 hours, how do you spend it?

What if we talked about time a different way?

What if one day you woke up and noticed you have $86,400.00 to spend in your bank account?  You can spend it any way you want because you get $86,400.00 again TOMORROW!  The catch?  You have to spend it all before midnight.

That’s how time works.  You wake up and you have it, you can’t keep it for the next day or give it to someone else to use.

Make sure you always make time to do the things you love.


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